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Beatrice Odipus Wilson

We aren’t sure when Beatrice was born, but it was near the end of the year 2000 or the start of 2001. She was a stray, and my dad found her stealing cat food from his garage in the spring of 2001. I came and visited and fell in love with her. She was the first and only dog that ever wanted me – and she melted my heart. She was so scared, so very timid, it was obvious that she had been abused and she was only a puppy. She was a mix - Lab and maybe German Shepard, with the oldest, deepest, kindest eyes we had ever seen. It took 6 months before she warmed up to my husband. My husband is such a dog lover, it hurt him greatly that she was scared of him and wouldn’t let him touch her. Everyone promised that she would eventually trust him. I was so happy when that became true and we enjoyed each other like a family and had such fun with her. We trained her with the help of a professional, because we wanted to be sure that if she had to find a home with someone else at any point in her life we would have given her the foundation of being a good dog. She was so smart, she picked up on everything immediately, and was so willing to please, it was mostly me that had the trouble! She surprised us by learning two commands we hadn’t even tried teaching her – “turn aroundâ€, which meant exactly that, and “excuse me, Beaâ€, which meant please let me by, Beatrice. She simply started doing those two things. Beatrice was such a warm and wonderful dog to come home to, so much so that I believe she has actually been our home. We moved several times and she always settled in and did whatever we needed. She never fussed, she never asked for anything but love. Just being with you was enough. We boarded her one year when we went on vacation for a week, and when we came back she made a sound we’d never heard before. It was a long and mournful “baroooooâ€. She made this sound most of the ride home and it seemed like she was telling us she had been sad without us and to please not leave her again. The next year we made sure that we took her with us and we enjoyed the trip so much more. Whenever she would meet new people, they could not believe how wonderful Bea was – she was gentle, quiet, fun, sweet, clever, and just good…so good. I often told people she was the best part of our family. She was a clown and loved to hear us laugh. She loved running around and letting us pretend like we could catch her, then slipping away before we had our arms around her. She had such a wonderful smile when she was teasing us. She was a second mother to my child, and my son had the pleasure of growing up with a wonderful and amazing dog. I often wondered what secrets she knew because of how he would pick up her ear, whisper something and lay it gently back down as they sat together. Slowly, though, things changed as she started losing some of her hearing and eyesight, as she no longer wanted to play certain games she loved, when she didn’t want to play with certain toys anymore. She had two strokes within a year and a half, and we helped her recover slowly – feeding her by hand and helping steady her as she walked. She developed arthritis and the vets helped us with therapy and rehab, and when a single step up became too much to ask, we built her a ramp for the front door. She laid down with great pain and we would breathe a sigh of relief when she finally relaxed. She took pain medicine and anything our wonderful vets thought might help bring quality and not just quantity to the time she had with us. We have dreaded this moment for so, so long but we said goodbye to our dear, sweet puppy on Friday, January 30, 2015. This made Beatrice 14 years old – so long and yet so short our time together. We will miss her so much and there is a huge hole in my family without her presence. We are grateful she showed us how special a friendship can be and how true and unwavering her love was – we are humbled to have had such a friendship and ever grateful for her love. I would like to tell the person who tossed this gentle, beautiful heart aside that they have no idea what they missed. She was nothing but goodness, and we will love and cherish her forever.

Georgia Girl aka. chi chi

Our sweet little girl was only 3 yrs. old when we discovered she had a degenerative disease of the bladder & there was nothing we could do to save her. She was a rescue, like all of our other pets & we had several other cats at the time and had intended on finding a good home for her but it only took a few days for her to work her way into our hearts and into her "forever" home. She was the sweetest, most affectionate little girl and was always ready to play & interact with at any time. I can't believe how much we grew to love this little rascal in just a few short years. She was our baby and we loved her dearly. We will never forget her loving little spirit and will miss her forever! To honor her memory we are helping to get healthcare & find good homes for 2 more little strays that our neighbor has been feeding. We think Georgia would like that very much. So long sweet child until we see you again.


Our beloved Lily passed away at home this afternoon after a brief illness. I got an email in late October 2005 from Paula Burkholder at Shar Pei Savers. There was a Shar Pei in the Butler County shelter that was going to be euthanized the following day. Could I possibly go there and see if she was adoptable?. I agreed. I was not working and was available. After agreeing, I realized that I had never been to an animal shelter, let alone taken on an unfamiliar dog on short notice. I proceeded to the shelter with trepidation. It was like anticipating a visit to a morgue. My fears were justified as the shelter, while run by wonderful people, was a surreal combination of all of life’s darkest realities. Cages were stacked on top of cages. There was an overwhelming stench. The noise of barking was deafening. People were dropping off their pets to a fate of certain death without any indication of remorse. I just wanted to get the dog they named “Wrinkles”, and get out of there as quickly as possible. It turns out that “Wrinkles” was found running the streets of Hamilton, Ohio. I’m sure that catching her was no easy task. This was one crafty, athletic dog. It was evident from the start that she was a total Shar Pei: independent, smart, athletic, dominate, evasive, and willful. However, that was tempered by a fear of humans that was likely justified by a life of cruelty and abuse. She was not interested in me beyond my ability to free her from that prison. She was drawn to the dogs that had the luxury of being chained to trees outside the shelter to enjoy the warm autumn day. We started our six year journey together traveling back home to what was ostensibly going to be a temporary stop on her way to rescue. I though I would win her affection by stopping at McDonalds and getting her a cheeseburger. She would have none of that. It was like driving Miss Daisy to the Piggly Wiggly. I ate the burger and chauffeured our new guest home. Once home she promptly peed on the oriental carpet! Still, I couldn’t be angry. She spent several days exploring escape routes. Twice she managed to get away only to be stopped by neighbors. It took two years for her to finally shed her fear and seek out attention from us. By then it seems like a privilege to live with her and I‘m sure that’s how she perceived our relationship. After all, she was the queen, the alpha dog. Lily was emaciated when she came to our home. Her ears were infected and she had entropion. We nursed her back to health. She was the first to have plastic surgery! Not only did she precede me with her blepharoplasty, but she raised the bar by having a brow lift. Lily was a beautiful dog. Her coat was nearly pure white, and that is why Barry decided to call her “Lily.” “Wrinkles” was just too pedestrian for a beautiful girl like our Lily. Her eyes were dark and piercing in contrast with her coat. When she wanted attention, you felt privileged to be chosen to serve her needs. She asked for little. She was quiet and reserved. She loved people. She dominated other dogs. In a hushed voice one day I told my friend Diane, “Lily is my favorite.” We will miss her.

Mo Toney

Mo! He loved taking walks on a leash and even played fetch with a ball. Sometimes he seemed more like a dog than a cat. He will forever be in our hearts and we will love him always.


We lost our special girl at 4:15 this afternoon. She was just 5 days shy of being on this earth for 16 years and 4 months. That's pretty close to 120 dog years for a dog her size. Despite her failing body, she stayed with us as long as she could, we think because she loved us so much. And we, her. Goodbye "gooney dog," we will miss you so.

Bitsy Ann

Our precious beloved furry little girl left us 02/02/2011, after 17-1/2 years with us. We will miss her until the end of our days, and pray to be with her again.

Sammi Kral

Beloved "first child" and four legged member of the family, older sister to Aubrey and Ethan, her snoring will be missed. Her friendship and unconditional love knew no boundary. She will never be forgotten, but rather the memories she gave us will be cherished forever.


To my baby precious; lived 18 long years and brought our family joy every minute of it.

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